Understanding Networks – Week 2

September 26, 2016 / By

September 26, 2016 / By

Home Traceroutes

I think the results I got from my home Wifi network are the closest to what I was expecting. Each try took an average of 15-20 hops and either timed out near the end or eventually reached its destination. Looking at the results I see that my backbone provider is Level 3 and other addresses of note include tbone.rr.com and ibone.comcast.net which I found out are the DNS for each of those respective networks.

ITP Wifi Traceroutes

The results from the Traceroutes on the ITP network were interesting. Nothing seemed to escape from what I imagine was the confines of NYU’s network. stopping after 2 or 3 hops. I’m guessing there is a network level policy preventing traceroutes or something that defines the information you receive from them. I wonder if this state ever changes and traceroutes are allowed/work.

Phone Hotspot Traceroutes

One thing of note from the Traceroutes running off my phone’s hotspot was that it seemed to cycle through the same list of ip’s every time for each connection. I’m guessing this is the path that my phone’s connecction takes to get to the wider internet. I wouldn’t have guessed that the connection was routed through the same router or array of routers each time regardless of what site I was trying to visit.


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