Subtraction Week 8 – Metal Lathe

May 5, 2016 / By

Lathe Skill Builder



Having never used a metal lathe before I didn’t have a clear idea at the outset of what I was going to try to make. I decided to try and work slowly through the steps posted on the class site.

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1 inch diameter aluminum rod.



I started off by facing both sides of the rod. It took me a while to figure out the basics of how all the parts of the lathe moved and worked. I spent way too long at this stage as a result. I noticed after facing the side in the chuck that the minor wobble I had been experiencing had been eliminated.

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Finished Product

The parting tool was broken when I tried this so It’s stuck attached to the rod for the mo. Have to say I really like the lathe. It’s very fun to use and when I figure out how to move beyond the basics we’ve covered I’d like to incorporate it into more projects. I think it really is the most accurate tool at ITP.

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