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February 11, 2016 / By

February 11, 2016 / By


It’s telling that Othermill have a page dedicated solely to people coming from a laser cutter because that is exactly the mindset with which I approached this skill builder. I wanted to mill this into a sort of pendant or disc, at least.

Screenshot (30)It’s a live trace job of this cool looking line art Medusa from an artist called Emory Allen, not my own. What I realised after a bit of consternation was that a bit can’t cut a path smaller than its own diameter.  Once this sunk in, I adapted what I had into something the 1/8″ bit could handle.


Good ol’ Delrin. 0.128 in thick on average.


I taped down my material and let the othermill do its homing. I used about 6 pieces of tape, pressed it down and left it for about 5 minutes. This was pretty effective. Even my cut out piece didn’t budge when I decided to engrave it after the fact.

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I noticed that if I enabled a 1/32″ bit Otherplan would start to display a cutting path. I may invest in one, I’d be interested in doing fine detail work  with the othermill, provided the bits don’t break as often as it sounds they do.


I thought the shape looked like a turtle, so out of Delrin and cutting my losses I engraved a turtle shell pattern onto its “back”.

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Finished Product

Not too happy with this, but I did learn a lot about the Othermill and would be confident attempting this or something similar again.

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