Rumble Tumble Tales

Children's Storytelling App

A Storytelling app for children aged 5-8.


This was my college thesis project. It was the result of two separate projects coming together. One group wanted to make an Arduino based peripheral and the other an interactive storybook for young children. We combined them and ended up with more of a game and a robot. We also produced a print version of the book which mirrored what happened in the app.

We developed a host of original characters. Alan, one of the members of our group wrote and recorded eight original songs and we did all the voiceover work ourselves. I was the voice of Cosmo (Spiky haired prince) and Bumble Buddy (cube dude).

We did a bit of marketing ahead of exhibiting the project. It has a facebook page. We even managed to garner the attention of Sir Quentin Blake (Illustrated Roald Dahl’s books, among others) at one point.

Exhibiting the project was a great success. We got positive feedback from everyone who played around with the app and Bumble Buddy. We also tested with a class of primary school children earlier on in the development phase, they seemed to like it. We have plans to continue and finish of the project when time allows in the future.


Here are videos of the app and Robot in action and testing with kids.


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