Cabinets of Wonder – 2115

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  1. Write Instead of a Trip Report:
  • It’s 2115. Write a detailed review/description of a historic house/ place museum about the way we live now. Think of the Tenement Museum and other historical places you have seen. Be clear on the experience—the wayfinding, the media, the content, what are the stories, how does the audience experience it.

May 21st 2115, The Museum of Analogue Life, 73 Tulip Avenue NY 11001

  • Appliances getting replaced with IOT appliances. Fridge, Washing Machine, Hub getting bricked by firmware.
  • Rich, middle class, poor: wealth inequality
  • Decreasing cost, proliferation electronics, primacy of smartphone, big TV’s good projectors pretty cheap.
  • Buildings from various eras. Style of construction for each.

Town / country : like met egyptian temple but semi d house. Detached houses/ suburbia still exists but now much more compact and further away from CBD. Space has become an issue. Tape measure on walls of garden/ living room. Oh ma days 700 sq ft.

example of old computer (even screen mouse keyboard paradigm seems outdated, explain from pov, neural interface?)

huge megabuildings loom overhead, light barely reaches street level. environment outside stark contrast to this, artificial sun lights, most impressive thing is the space. Wishes city hadn’t become so built up.

METHOD of EXHIBITION: Rooms in house, guide beamed into your neural interface. For those without/ novel experience speaker in room describing, meta exhibit: museum exhibits used to be like this. plaque on wall. Meanwhile rich AR visuals are being beamed straight into eyeballs. Has to toggle ads and social features off as endless assault / barrage comes flying at him. Cat gifs exploding all over the place. sloppy coding. Autoplay audio visual ads.









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