3D Printing Week 6 – Final Progress

October 10, 2016 / By

October 10, 2016 / By

Cabinets Diorama

I changed tack from what I proposed last week because I found out more details about the upcoming exhibition the Cabinets of Wonder class is putting on for The Magnum Foundation.

We’re going to be showcasing some work by the foundation’s photographers as well as some that they like and support. Varying topics will be covered from LGBT issues, Conflict, Extraordinary rendition, Religion to name a few. We’ve split into groups to cover each separate topic.

I thought a diorama of our planned exhibit would help with deciding on the use of space and plan to print out approximations of everyone’s stand or a stand in that I’ll design myself. For this week I test printed the shell. For next week I’m going to use the Mojo printers at LaGuardia due to time constraints. ¬†There should be about 5 exhibits in all as well as a general layout for the exhibition (photos on walls, bar, merch stand etc. all of which I’m going to try and print.



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