3D Printing – Week 4

October 4, 2016 / By

Hot Dawg Completion : Printing of The Hot Dawg

I finished modeling and printed my hot dog attachment for the toy hot dog truck from Week 3.

I had to go with a fast print due to time constraints but even then I think the model needs some cleanup. The edges where the hotdog join with the half spheres at its end could use some revision.


Final Project Ideas and Sketches

A face for Yorick. Last year for Intro to Fabrication I made a Laser cut layered acrylic skull using 123D Make. I always wanted to add a layer of muscle / skin to the skull to end up with a face but hadn’t thought of a good way to do it until now. I think given enough time I could print out some “skin” and “hair” to fit this skull, splitting it into faceplate and back of head pieces with some hair on top.


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