3D Printing – Week 3

September 27, 2016 / By

September 27, 2016 / By

Part 1- Printing Shell

Printing went well. got to test in both orientations, I think with the smooth side up produces the best finish in the end. The other Ultimaker seemed to be having trouble on Sunday night with some feed issues. I made it through 3 prints without a hitch. The smaller shells were printed on the “high quality” setting. I didn’t think there was a discernible difference for this model that was worth the time hit so I downgraded it to standard for the larger shell.

Shell print 1


The only part that didn’t print satisfactorily were the joints at the base edge of each shell. This is more than likely a design fault as I get used to the medium. I realise now that they’re not structurally sound enough and their position at the base of the model will pretty much always lead to a bad print.

Part 2 – Return of the Hot Dog Truck : Hot Dawg

This hot dog truck had been hanging out near the 3D Printers and I thought it could do with some upgrades. I think he’s more likely to sell more dogs with some bespoke signage and by hiring dedicated staff.

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Here’s a full list of measurements, taken with my calipers. I think the ones I need to focus on are the ones relating to the roof. I think here is going to be the only point of contact for any planned bracket.

Bumper to bumper : 125.50 mm

Roof length (to lip): 40.35mm

With lip: 45.02mm

lip= 4.77mm

Roof width: 87.82mm

Vent length: 18.95mm

Vent width: 14.10mm

Side height(without top roof): 45.41mm

Top roof from side end: (5.52mm)

Window height: 17.31mm

Window width:50.40mm

Lip width: 1mm  -ish

hot dawg


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